Owaysis are Rob Kidd (R Kidd) as Liam Gallagher, Glenn Wainwright as Noel Gallagher, Simon Hughes as Gem Archer, Damien Doherty as Andy Bell and Chris Barrs as Chris Shamrock.
After years of each respective member playing music and gaining experience in different projects both originals and covers, Owaysis took it’s shape in 2016. Almost by fate at the same time as the film documentary “Supersonic” hit our screens and, revitalised Oasis fans across the globe.
Owaysis quickly decided the only way to do this was by paying extreme attention to detail. We want to bring the authentic experience of Oasis back to life! Not just through each guitar bend, drum roll or vocal harmony, but also as a unit, how it feels and of course, the swagger!
Owaysis recorded their own demo early 2017 which soon filled their diaries for the year. We are now looking at booking a studio EP early 2018.
We are Definitely Maybe the UK’s best tribute to Oasis. Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself.

The White Hart Corby said:-
“Had these lads play their debut gig at The White Hart in Corby. Great Gig with great crowed interaction!! People eagerly awaiting their next gig at The Hart….”
Matt Flavour (fan):-
“LOVE OASIS! Couldn’t get to see them in their hayday so these guys are the next best thing…”

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